Payroll Period Entry Limits allows to manage salaried payroll entries and works similar to overtime calculation for hourly compensation.

Example:  For a payroll period the total hours reported are 90, but just 80 hours are to be reported. 

This process creates an adjustment entry for -10 hours.


In Tab Resources, select the resource you want to apply the limit to.

(Note: Even though it is a user setting, the information is maintained on Resource for easier delegated administration and access management)

Enter for the resource:

  • Payroll Period Limit - in hours - only users with a value are adjusted
  • Payroll Period Limit  Payroll Code - the payroll code used for the adjustment
  • Payroll Period Limit  Project/Phase/Line - the project/phase line the adjustment is booked to


In Tab Payroll Periods - after creating the payroll entries (e.g. via Update Period), click the "Entry Limit" button.

This creates a background job to calculate the limits.  You can run the process multiple times.

In the Payroll Period, the field "Period Entry Limit Total" is updated.

The created Payroll Entries are checked in the fields "Period Adjustment" and as "Summary" entry.