After you successfully installed Accorto Cloud T&E, you can set up your installation:

  • Default Financial Organization
  • Financial Accounts (for expense capture)
  • Document Types
  • Resources
  • Projects
  • Activity Types

To get started, these steps will take 10-15 minutes. We are happy to help and set up the product to meet your needs.

Please pick a good time for you at: 

Initial Setup

If you see the Sales menu in the upper right corner, then open that menu and choose the Accorto Cloud Plus option. 

Accorto Cloud Plus Selection

This will launch the Accorto Cloud T&E Plus application.

To perform these setup tasks, follow the steps below:

Click the Welcome tab and then click the Accountant link.

NOTE: You may see error messages such as 'Workbench Setup required - Please define first". These messages will no longer appear after you complete setup. 

Financial Organization

In the Financial Organization section, click Create Default Organization. The next page will display a message indicating that the default organization has been established.

Document Types

Return to the Welcome > Accountant page. Then, in the Document Types section, click Create missing default Document Types. On the next page you will see a listing of several Document Types. You may click the New button to create additional document types.

For details see Document Types.


Return to the Welcome > Accountant page. In the Resources section, click Create Resources from Users. On the next page you will see a listing of several Resources. You may click the New button to create additional resources.

For details see Resource, especially resource prices for billing.

Financial Accounts

You may also want to enter or import your financial accounts. Click the Google Docs link to download a sample file. Your import file must match the format of this file. To import a file, click the Choose File button. In the pop-up window that appears, locate the file and then click the Open button. Next, click the Import Accounts button. After a moment, you will see a new page listing all of the accounts from the file.

For details see Financial Account.

Workbench Layout

You may want to also setup the workbenches. Within the Welcome tab, simply click the Setup link (adjacent to the Accountant link) and then click the Create Default Workbench Layout button. 

To view the workbenches, click the cloud image next to Workbench Setup. The next page will display a listing of several workbenches. Check a box next to one of the workbenches to view a list of all settings for that workbench. For details see T&E Workbench.

Additional Setup

Depending what functionality you are using please check

  • Tax Setup for Sales Tax and/or VAT
  • Activity Types
  • Payment Terms
  • T&E Policies
  • Customer Approvals

There are several additional optional setup entities:

  • Accorto Parameters
  • Accorto Settings

Before entering time and expense items, you may want to setup also

  • Projects,
  • Resources
  • Activity Types
  • as well as the Time and Expense Report Approval Process.