To create an invoice from a Project click the Create Invoice button in the Project.

If you want to create an invoice for multiple projects, you would create the invoice from Time Expense Reports.

The term 'Fixed Price' and 'Fixed Charge' are synonyms.

You can base the invoice on Phases or Lines. After creating the Invoice, you can update it manually.


You can restrict the lines to query by

  • Project Line partial Name or WBS (match)
  • Project Line Type or Category
  • Project Line Planned Start/End
  • Project Line Fixed Charge Amount
    • The default can be set in Parameters, if not set: >=0

You can restrict the result further

  • Amount to be Invoiced

and set

  • Always Add Time Item Details
    • If selected, no need to select Add Details for the project line later
    • Add only approved items¬†
    • Fixed Price includes Expenses

If no lines are queried, check the query restrictions.

You now can select/add lines, expenses, or phases to the invoice.

Handling Fee and Surcharge

When querying, the Project handling/markup fee in percent is displayed and you could overwrite it here.

Also in Accorto Settings, you can define a Product name to be used for the invoice line

> Setup > Custom Settings -- Manage Accorto Settings

- enter the product name in the field: Invoice Product Handling

This way, you can create a specific handling fee invoice line.

You can also define a Surcharge for Expenses:

> Setup > Custom Settings -- Manage Accorto Settings

- enter the percentage in the field: Project Expense Surcharge

Create invoice from Project Line

In the Lines Tab, you see the individual Lines with Planned, Actual Effort, and previous invoice details. 

You would use this if you want to invoice fixed price project lines - or time and material.

The Quantity to invoice is based on the already invoiced quantity and the Planned Effort.

If you specified a Fixed Change Amt on Project Line, this amount is used with a quantity of 1 instead of the planned effort and Project Line Unit Price.

After changing the Quantity or Unit Price, select Update Totals to update the amounts. You can also update the Project Lines if you changed e.g. Line Name and description.

For fixed price lines, you can add the actual detail Time entries.

Note that if you see a project line "__project__" that this is automatically created when time is booked to the project and not to an individual project line.

Create invoice from Project Phase

In the Phases Tab, the Planned and Actual Effort of the project phase is summarized. You can change the Phase Name, Description as well as the Quantity to Invoice and the Unit Price.

Per Phase, you see the already invoiced amount.

After changing the Quantity or Unit Price, select Update Totals to update the amounts. You can also update the Phase if you changed e.g. Phase Name and description.

Create Invoice

Click on Create Invoice after reviewing details like Account Address, etc.

You can change the new Invoice manually or delete and re-create it with different selections.