You can manage PTO (paid time off), Holidays, and Vacation time in various ways to meet the requirements of your organization - see Time Off

The general approach recommended is to create projects.

This way reporting and utilization calculations become easier.

Nevertheless, you can use Project lines or Activity Types to indicate time off.

Create Projects for the different types of non-working time

Create, e.g. a project for Vacation and Holiday. There are several ways how you can categorize the projects:

  1. Utilization categories - create categories to differentiate work and different types of non-work time. For details check Utilization.
  2. Payroll Codes have predefined Holiday, etc. selections.

These options are not required, they just help for creating reports and calculating utilization.

You can also manage time-off requests.

Importing Time Off

You can import Time Off Requests, Entitlements, Adjustments, etc.

The minimum information you need to provide:

NameColumn NameDescriptionNotes
NameNameArbitrary Namerequired
UserUser__c (Id)User or Record Ownerset User__c or OwnerId (defaults)
ResourceResource__c (Id)Resource
Record TypeRecordType__cRequest | Entitlement | Use | Adjustmentrequired
TypeType__cVacation | Holiday | ...
HoursHours__cNumber of hoursrequired (or if Request calculated via End Date)
Start DateStartDate__cStart Daterequired for Request - optionally also StartTime.
Effective DateEffective DateEffective Daterequired for Entitlements, Adjustments