Time reports are usually due or expected on a weekly basis. Expense reports are often expected after some time after the expense occurred.  As it is beneficial to create time reports as soon as possible (the longer one waits, the fewer details are remembered), we provide several options to remind people.

You can view the daily time entered for each Resource in Daily Time

Manual Time Report Reminder

For checking and sending out mails manually, go to the 

  • Tab "Welcome" - link Manager - click on Report Reminders
  • Tab "Resources" - select a View and then click "Go" - click on "T+E Report Reminder"
  • In Resource Related Lists, click on "T+E Report Reminder"

Note that "Recently Viewed" view does not display the reminder button, you need to select a view.

T+E Report Reminder

The Time Report Reminder is based on the Resource weekly capacity (e.g. 40h), which is calculated from the Resource daily capacity (e.g. 8h) and the days per week (e.g. 5).  For holidays, set up an internal holiday project to report hours against.

Query Previous Info

By default, you will see the -selected- resources from the List view where you started it from a view. 

You can select -all- or specific Resource Group and press "Query Previous".

Resource Group is a picklist on the Resource object.

Update Previous Info

When you click on Update Previous the Resources are updated with the latest T&E Report date and hours.

View Reminders for Week

Enter the Report Date and click View Reminders. The report date defaults to the first day of the week for the previous week.

If a reminder is determined by:

  1. If you de-select the "Send Reminder", no reminder to the resource is sent. 
  2. Resource field "Reminder Exclude" - if selected no reminders are sent.
  3. The parameter "Send Reminder < hours" - if the hours submitted and approved are equals or higher than the value entered, no reminder is sent.
  4. The parameter "Check daily minimum" is selected and all weekday hours are above the Resource daily capacity, no reminder is sent.
  5. Resource field "Capacity" - the number of hours expected - if the hours submitted and approved are equals or higher than the weekly capacity. no reminder is sent.

Send Reminder

Update the parameters. 

If you update the "Send Reminder < hours" or "Check daily minimum", click on "View Reminders" to view the updated information.

Custom Settings

(You can also update the parameters In Setup > Custom Settings select Manage T&E Report Reminder).

  • If you want to create a summary email with the resources and details, enter an email address.
  • Reply To Email - optional email address
  • You can copy the manager (using the manager in the User record) - it is displayed in the "View for Week"
  • Email Text - email body with variables.
    Not all variables need to be used in the Email Text. The default is:
    For the week of {0}, you submitted {1} hours.  So far, you entered {3} hours.  Please submit the remaining {2} hours.
    The variables are:
    • (0} - report week start
    • {1} - submitted hours
    • {2} - not reported hours (remaining to be reported)
    • {3} - entered hours, but not submitted
  • Email Message - additional message - optional
  • Send Reminder if < hours - only send a reminder if the submitted and approved hours are less than the value entered. Example: if you enter 1, no reminder is sent if the user reported at least one hour, but it is sent if the user did not enter any time or did not submit it.

Save the Parameters for future use - and especially if you want to automatically schedule to send the reminders.

Automatic Time Report Reminder

You set up the schedule for the reminder emails in Setup > Develop > Apex Classes.

Click on "Schedule Apex" and enter the schedule parameters:

  • The Apex Class is "TEReportReminder".

Review the Parameters (Custom Settings) - see above.

In contrast to the manual option to send the reminders, it is sent to all active Resources, who are not excluded - i.e. you cannot restrict it to a particular Resource Group.