By default, Time+Expense Information is stored in a weekly record, but you may want to report daily or by any date range.

The Object T&E Item Day allows you to handle your reporting needs and can be extended via formulas, etc.  With that, you can easy create any reports for any date range.

In the Tab "T&E Item Days" you manage the detail data by clicking on the New or Delete button. This allows you to create and or delete the detail records.

The T&E Item Day is a Salesforce Light Application Object intended for reporting only. It is a child record of T&E Item and has the specific columns

  • T&E Day
  • Hours
  • Receipt Amount
  • Week Of (Su, Mo, ..) based on the same logic as the week start in the Timesheet
  • Approved (based on the T&E Item status)
The other columns are references and you could add formulas to add additional information.

Create, Update and Delete Item Detail Records


In the Tab T&E Item Days, click on New or Delete.  This will display a page where you can update or delete detail records for a date range.  If you do not enter a from or to date, the items modified in the last 30 days is used to (re)create the Time and Expense Item Daily records.


In > Setup > Apex Classes

click on Schedule Apex

and select the class TEItemDayUpdate with the Frequency.

The process updates all records based on T&E Items modified in the last 30 days.