This is a snapshot of our current plans, which might change without notice. The sequence is no indication of priority.

Project History + Forecast (status: finalizing)

View the hours + expenses booked to Project/Line on a date line.
Todo: rendering for big projects

Recently Implemented

Receipt Attachment Consolidation (implemented 3.40)

Consolidate attachments (pdf) from TE Items to a consolidated attachment when creating the T+E Report or Invoice.

Uber Receipt Import (implemented 3.40)

Import of Receipts from Uber

T+E Report submission reminder (implemented 3.19)

In addition to the weekly minimum (e.g. 40h),

add a minimum daily check for weekdays which are no holidays (e.g. 8h).

Project Line Allocation (implemented 3.16)

  • New editor to maintain Project Line Resource allocations easily in a Matrix (Table).

Simplified Access Management

To only show the projects/lines a person is assigned/allocated to use the Sharing Setting of "Private" for Project. The project will be shared automatically, if a user is assigned as a Manager or assigned as the Resource for a Project Line. You can also assign multiple Resources to a Project Line.

In the Timesheet, you will see the Project Line if

  • Project is open (i.e. not Completed)
  • Project Line is open (i.e. not Completed)
  • You are the Manager of the Project or Resource on the Project Line
  • You are assigned to the Project Line

For most users, the experience should be the same, what is changing is the implementation. Previously, you did not see a Project Line, if you were excluded, now it is if you are assigned. The main difference is that administrators will now only see the projects they are explicitly assigned to.


T&E Item Day (3.17)

Due to the nature of the Master-Detail Relationship, the copied links are not required and will be discontinued and no longer populated:

  • Resource, Payroll Code, Project, Activity Type, etc.

Just use the fields on T&E Item level for reporting (no functionality loss).