A checklist is usually a simple list. We provide Task sequences.

The Checklist Editor allows easy definition of dependencies via point and click:

Please notice, that the Editor requires Salesforce API Access, which is available in Enterprise and up Editions and available at additional costs in the Professional Edition.

To define a sequence link

  • click on the From Checklist Item (Rectangle)
  • then on the To Checklist Item (Rectangle)

You can delete a link by clicking on it and confirming the delete.

When a Checklist item is selected, you can

  • change the duration by entering + - or the right/left arrow keys
  • open the Checklist Item Editor by hitting Enter or double clicking on the Item
  • click again or hitting esc to deselect

When a Task has multiple Prerequisites, the task can be started when 

  • the first of the Prerequisites is complete        ⟹⟫
  • or wait for all Prerequisites to be complete    ⟹▮