Time&Expense Items by default have a Description up to 255 characters. 

Optionally, a long Description can be up to 131000 characters.

For time entries, you can also add Daily Descriptions up to 255 characters each.

For expense entries, you can enter also a Reason.

Description Entry

In the different areas, you have the following options based on the Settings below:


In the weekly Timesheet

  • Toggle to show/enter the daily descriptions with default in Settings
  • Show/enter the short or long description (or none)


In the daily TimeCard

  • Show/enter the daily description
  • Show/enter the weekly short or long description (or none)

Capture Time

In the various Capture Time (e.g. Case, Event, Opportunity, ...)

  • Show/enter the description as daily or weekly description
  • Weekly description is either short or long


In the Expense Entry

  • Show/enter the short or long description (or none)
  • Show/enter the Reason


You can customize what is displayed in

Setup > Custom Settings - Manage Accorto Settings

Option details:

Show Description

  • Show Description in Timesheet/card - "yes" (default) or "no" or "long" (the long description)

T&E Timesheet: Show Descriptions

  • Default for showing daily descriptions in the T&E Timesheet. Options: "yes" or "no" (default) or "required"
  • If set to required, a daily description needs to be entered when time/hours are entered

Capture Time Description daily

  • Capture Time description entry is daily (not weekly description) - "no" (default) or "yes"

T&E Entry: Show Reason

  • Allow to enter a reason - "yes" (default) or "no"