Accorto provides several ways to capture time (or expenses) for others.  The "other" could be another Salesforce User (including community) or a person without Salesforce access.

Note that for Approvals, the approver gets temporary read access for the T+E Report, but not for the Items. The approval email contains a report with all the items.

If you want to give the Approver (read) access to both T+E Report and T&E Item, follow the steps below (adjust if read only).

For a person without Salesforce access (i.e. license), you

  • create a Resource and don't link it to a Salesforce User; you could link the resource to a contact
  • enter time/expenses
    • just select the external Resource, query it and enter the info
    • import from a timesheet

Note: there is the option that an external user captures time/expenses in an off-Salesforce system and that these records are then imported automatically.  Contact us for details.

If you use this approach, the user who enters / imports the time for an external Resource is the record owner.  It assumes also that the user has read access to the Projects, etc. the external user references.

You can create a special Approval Process for external Resources.

Entering Time/Expenses for other Salesforce Users

You can enter time/expenses for other Resources of Salesforce Users. 

The main issue is that the entering user needs to have full access to Time records and references for the other Resource user.

There are two independent considerations/dimensions:

  • Salesforce record access
  • Access to references (e.g. Projects, ...)

The record access is usually the challenging part and detailed below.

For the access to references (e.g. Projects, ...) the entering user needs to have read access to the Projects of the other Resource user.

When you enter e.g. Time or Expense for another Resource, the selections (e.g. Project) are restricted to the ones for the other Resource user.

When importing, there is specific no check at this point.

ApproachImpactEffortSuitable for
Permission Set "Accorto T+E Create for All Users"
or custom Permission Set or Profile with View All / Modify All
Users with Permission Set assigned can view/enter/modify all time+expense items and reportsone simple step:
- assign Permission Set to User
General Administrators
Public Groups
& Sharing Rules based on record Owner
& Owned by members of of Public Groups - All Internal Users
Users in Public Group can view/modify all time+expense items and reportssimple steps:
- create or use existing Public Group
- add users to group
- create Sharing rules for T&E Item, Report, Project, ..
Administrators, Managers
Sharing Rules with Role Hierarchy
Managers can see their Subordinate's recordssteps:
- build Role Hierarchy
- assign users to Role
- create Sharing rules for T&E Item, Report, Project, ..
Sharing Rules with Criteria, Roles, etc.Fine grained access controlsteps:
- build & test
Managers, Delegates, ....

Record Access (Sharing)

There are several ways to achieve this:

As System Administrator you can do this without additional steps.

Option 1: Create a Permission Set

(or update the Profile)

For the Objects

  • T&E Items
  • T&E Reports

select the Object Permissions

  • View All
  • Modify All

with Edit Access for all Fields.

For references (i.e. Projects, Activity Types, ...) you may need "View All" access.

Assign the Permission Set to the user(s) who would create T+E records for others (any).

Note that this approach gives the assigned users full access to the T+E info of ALL users. It might be sensible to use this approach for administrators.

We provide the Permission Set "Accorto T+E Create for All Users" for this approach.  Add this in addition to the Permission Set "Accorto T+E Administrator.." or "Accorto T+E User..".

Grant general Access

Option: Sharings 

By default, the main entities for Time and Expense records (T&E Item, T&E Report) are Private.

> Setup > Sharing Settings

You can grant access via several options - the popular ones

  • Public Groups (easy)
  • Use Roles and Hierarchies (requires that you have set up Roles/Hierarchies)

Create the rule twice - for T&E Item and T&E Report.

Usually the "User to share with" has also access to the Projects, etc. the other Resource user has access to; if not you need to create additional sharing rules.


Here the user with the role "Director, Direct Sales" has access to the records of internal or portal Subordinates (i.e. a role below Director, Direct Sales).

Debugging Record Access (Sharing)

Sharing Settings can be challenging, so how do you debug: "Error: Insufficient Privileges" ?

In addition to the suggestions here, check the Salesforce Help how to debug sharing settings.

Here we want to achieve that "Engela" (the user who enters the records) 

can enters the records for "Owen" (the use who will own the records)

(1) Check Sharing

  • Ask Owen to enter a Time Item and create a Report (or log in as Owen).
  • As Admin switch to Classic (Record Sharing Info is currently not available in Lightning)
  • As Admin, query the the record Owen entered - click on Sharing to examine who has access
    • Click on Expand List to see the users to check if Engela has access
  • As Admin, change/update the Sharing rules -or- membership of Public Groups -or- Role Hierarchy
    and check the Sharing of the record again 

Example: Here Kathy is Owen - the user for whom we want Engela to enter time records for:

... here we see that the Public Group "AccortoAccountant" has access

... then clicking on Expand List should show the user Engela (the user who should enter time records)

You may have to do this for T&E Items AND T&E Reports

(2) Check References

If the issue is that while Engela enters records for Owen does not see, e.g. the Projects for Owen.

This might be an issue when you use Project Allocations

(a) Make sure Owen has access 

  • you can check that e.g. in the Project in the Section Lists - Project Line Allocation/Sharing (depends on Layout)
  • or logging in as Owen and check that the project comes up

(b) Make sure Engela has access

  • Engela does not need to be allocated to the project, but needs to have Salesforce read access. When a user is allocated to a project line, we automatically create a sharing rule for the User for that Project.
  • Engela just needs to have access to the Project to reference for Owen
    • Check by logging in as Engela and query the project
    • Give Engela access to the project, e.g. via Permission Set or Sharing Rule (see above)