Accorto supports many types of per diems and fixed amounts - i.e. pre-defined rates instead of actual expenses

  • Mileage rates (e.g. following the IRS Standard Mileage Rates)
  • Meal or daily expense compensations
  • Lodging compensation

We provide special handling for certain government maintained rates

  • GSA (US General Services Administration) - Meals & Incidentals and Lodging rates based on ZIP code
  • German Reisekostenpauschale

Setup Fixed Amounts

To set up a fixed amount for e.g. Mileage reimbursements, set up a Financial Account and enter the Fixed Amount

Milage Rate example

In addition to the standard rate provides, you can overwrite the rate used for reimbursement or billing purposes:

  • For the Resource, set up a Resource Price referencing the Financial Account
    • use the Cost Rate for employee reimbursement
    • use the Price for customer billing

Using Fixed Amounts

In the Expense capture, just emter, e.g. the number of miles - the system will calculate the correct amount:

Fixed Amount use

If the Fixed Amount rates is changed, the new rate is applied when the T+E Item is updated.

Setup Per Diem

For fixed amount Per Diems, just follow the instructions above.

Using Per Diems

In addition to entering per diems in the expense entry, you can enter Per Diems in the Timesheet and submit them together when submitting the time - so that one does not need to create/submit a separate expense report.

GSA Per Diem Use

The US GSA Per Diem Rates are based on the travel location:

  • Enter the start, end date with the destination ZIP code
  • Correct the meals for provided meals
  • Create the Expense entries
  • Process/submit the Expenses as usual (e.g. adding additional expenses or mileage)

The rates are provided/calculated via the official GSA API.

GSA Rates

If meals are provided, select the ones, you want to claim (i.e. not provided)

GSA Per Diem Setup

In thee Accorto Custom Settings, enable GSA Per Diem by entering "gsa" in the Per Diem Type.

In the Financial Account:

  • Enter 0 for the Fixed Amount
  • Select Per Diem
  • Enter how the Account should be used
    • For any GSA expenses: gsa
    • For GSA Meals: gsa:meals
    • For GSA Lodging: gsa:lodging

GSA Per Diem

German Reisekosten

Follow the Per Diem setup for GSA, just replace "gsa" with "de".  The rates are updated when new rates are published.

As required, the reduced rate for the first and last date is used and you can select the provided meals to be deducted.