You can use the standard Salesforce Translation options to create invoices with localized text.

The user who prints the invoice determines the language with the date and number format.

Object Translation

Translate the Object Translations for User, Invoice, Invoice Line

in > Setup > User Interface > Translation Workbench > Translate

  • Select the Language
  • Setup Component: Select Custom Field
  • Object: Select Invoice (Invoice Line, User, Account)
  • Aspect: Field Label

Click on the Field Label Translation - and Save.

Translate Invoice constants

For the PDF Invoice. you just need to translate the terms used.

Custom Label

Translate the Invoice Custom Labels in > Setup > Custom Labels

Click on the Name, e.g. of entries starting with Invoice (not on Edit)

In Local Translations / Overwrites add/overwrite the translation for the Language.


The text constants for the invoice come from various sources. Some of them are "user data" like the names of document types or the title of users,

other come from the Object Translation or from Custom Labels.

Invoice AddressCompany Information or Fin Org Name, Phone, Address-
Invoice HeaderCustom Settings > Accorto Invoice Layout Settings-
Salesrep, Manager Title, NameInvoice Owner (User) or Manager fields: title, name-
Salesrep, Manager Phone, Email LabelUser Object TranslationUser field label for Phone, Email
Account Number LabelAccountAccount field label for Account Number
PO Number LabelInvoice Object TranslationInvoice field label for PO Number
Project LabelCustom LabelCustom Label: Invoice Project
Invoice Header FieldSet field labelsInvoice Object TranslationInvoice field labels
Document Type (e.g. Invoice ..)Document Type Name-

Invoice Line Line LabelCustom LabelCustom Label: Invoice Line
Invoice Line Description LabelInvoice Line Object TranslationInvoice Line Field Label: Description
Invoice Line FieldSet field labelsInvoice Line Object TranslationInvoice Line field labels
Invoice Line Quantity, Unit Price, Subtotal, Tax field labelInvoice Line Object TranslationInvoice Line field labels
Invoice Line Total labelCustom LabelCustom Label: Invoice Total
Invoice Line constants (Total Expenses, ...)Custom LabelCustom Labels