You can update multiple Time+Expense Items in one go, e.g. set Project and Line.

On the T+E List views, there should be an option "Mass Update" - if not - see setup below.

In the Tab T+E Item, select any view (the option is not available in the Recently Viewed).

In other Tabs, e.g. Project, Resource, Activity Type, the option is available in the T+E Item related list.

Mass Update navigation


Query T+E Item records by date, status, project, resource, etc.

You can also search for T+E Items if the records have no project, line or activity type.

Up to 100 records are displayed to be updated.


a) Select the values to be updated, e.g. Project/Line, Activity Type or Resource.

b) Select the records to be updated

Click Update. 


If not available on T+E Item Tab, go to Setup > Object Manager > T+E Item

- In the Search Layout, add the Mass Update button

- In the Search Layout for Classic, add the Mass Update button to the List View

For Related Lists, e.g. in Project, Resource, ...

- in the Page Layout, click on the Related List Wrench icon of T+E Items

- Expand the Buttons Section and add the Mass Update to the Selected Buttons

Access to the functionality is granted via the Accorto T+E Administrator Permission set (or via Profiles).

Users can only query/update records they have access to.