Resource Prices are used in Time Items to calculate the Billing/Cost Rate and Billing/Cost Amount and with that the Project Revenue and Costs.

If you update Prices or add new Prices, the existing Time Items are not updated.

You can update the prices via the Tab Pre-Billing or Resource Recalculate Actuals.

Note that updating T+E Item Billing/Cost does not impact existing Invoice rates.

To view the rates used, check the Rate Management page.

You can also update the prices also directly from the Resource record via the "Update T+E Item Prices"

Resource Price Update

You can restrict the T+E Item updates by

  • Status
  • T+E Item Date range
  • Project

The number of impacted records are displayed.

Select between

  • Recalculate Items Only
  • Recalculate Items+Projects (suggested)