In this video, we go over the main features of the Accorto Timesheet in Salesforce. 

This applies to the Salesforce Professional edition.  The version for the Enterprise is here.

When you open the Time tab, the timesheet defaults to the current week. You can change the week with the arrow buttons.

In this setup, we allocate time to Accounts and Activities. Instead of Accounts, you can select Opportunities, Projects or any custom Objects to allocate and report time to.

We show here the Activities. You can define your own activities as an additional time category. If you don't want to use Activities, you can hide the column.

We record the time in decimal hours, but you can enter them in minutes or hours and minutes. The total hours spent per line or day is immediately updated.

Enter a description for the time spent. You can also enter daily descriptions. Your administrator could also require you to enter a daily description.

Record your time on Weekends.

If you have many entries per week, you can switch to a daily view for easier entry.

When done entering your hours, save your work.

When done, submit your timesheet for the week.

Once you submitted your timesheet, the entries are read only.

If the Timesheet was rejected or you retracted it, you can update your entries.

You can also add additional time entries and submit them.

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