For Time+Material Projects, you can manage Purchase Order Amounts and Not-To-Exceed amounts.

Purchase Order Amounts are maintained on project level. They are usually hard limits.

Not-To-Exceed amounts are maintained on project line level. They are an alternative to Fixed Amounts, where you invoice the customer up to that amount.

In the Tab Pre-Billing, select a project - and optionally a project line.  When you don't select a project line, the Not-To-Exceed info is not displayed.

In this example, we are below the Project PO Amount (1) but exceeded the Project Line Not-To-Exceed Amount (2):

Note that the 'to be invoiced' amount is based on the current prices in the T+E Items. If you get the message that some prices were updated, click on the Update T+E Items button (3) - that will then also requery and show the up-to-date amounts.

When you exceed the PO Amount or the Not-To-Exceed amount, you can

  • before creating the invoice: de-select the Billable flag of some T+E Item in the Details section (and click Update T+E Items
  • after creating the invoice add an adjusting Invoice Line (preferred) - or change invoice lines