You can view invoice information for print (pdf) and review based on selection or search criteria

  • Tab Invoice List view (any view other than Recent Records)
    • click on Invoice Report after optionally selecting some invoices
  • Tab Pre-Billing
    • after creating multiple invoices, click on Invoice Report


When opened, the selected invoices are displayed, when you selected invoices in the Invoice list Tab or started it from Pre-Billing.  

You can search for invoices based on criteria:

  • Account
  • Project
  • Manager
  • Document Type
  • Invoice Date from ... to
  • Status

View + Print

Check the information in the Preview section and click on Crate Pdf to open a pdf in a new tab.

Note that when starting the Invoice Report from the Pre-Billing page, that the invoice headers are created immediately, but the Invoice Lines are created via batch.  So when you click on the Invoice Report button in Pre-Billing, the lines may not have been created yet. In that case, just click on Refresh

In addition to standard information, additional fields are displayed from the Invoice and Invoice Line Field Set PdfReport (as for the actual invoice).