Accorto provides a lightning UI Timesheet (tab: Time) in addition to the classic UI Timesheet (tab: Timesheet).

There are very minor functionality differences. This describes the classic Timesheet functionality

Timesheet regions:

  • Query records for a week - to change the date, resource, copy the template, show weekends or daily descriptions
  • Defaults - if nothing else entered in the Timesheet, these values are used as defaults
  • Timesheet records
  • Per Diem (optional) - no need to create a separate expense report
  • Other Items for the week - view already submitted time or expenses

Enter Timesheet

By default, the timesheet displays the records for the user logged in for the current week.

You can change

  • Resource - to enter / view time for someone else (assuming you have permission)
  • T&E Date (1) - select any date for another week (will change to the start of the week)


There are several options to display and select your projects (dropdown list, dynamic search, ...) and project deliverables (lines). The ProjectMode is set in Custom Settings.

FieldSets allow you to show additional (custom) fields (e.g. Opportunity, Account, ...) and you can hide fields (e.g. Project, Activity Type, Billable, ...).

You can also add additional columns to copy (e.g. custom fields)  via Custom Settings - Accorto Copy Columns.

Show weekends toggle to view the full week or just work days (default in Custom Settings).

For descriptions, you have a description column. If the standard 255 characters are too small, you can switch to a long field. 

Another option is to enter daily description. Click on the Show daily descriptions (default in Custom Settings)

We maintain the time in decimal format (0.5 = 30 minutes).  You can enter minutes, e.g. 90 (= 1.5h) or hours.

Save you entries or submit them. The Custom Settings allow to customize how to create reports (e.g. by Project) and hide options to streamline the process.

Copy from Template

You can also copy any Timesheet you previously submitted as a Template, if you usually work on the same projects. Select a previously submitted T+E Report and click the button (2) Query records for week. 

This then copies the time records with Project, Activity Type, Account, Billable, so you just need to fill in the hours and description.  (for customization see below)

If you don't enter time for a particular line, it is ignored.

Create from Project Allocations

If you have Project Line Allocations for the week, you can quickly add the project lines to the Timesheet:

Project Line AllocationProject lines are displayed here, if they have a planned start and end date (for the week selected) and if the resource is allocated to the project line. This saves the explicit selection of project / line in the timesheet.  If you don't want the project line to show, just remove either the start or end date in the project line.

Multiple Timesheets

You can create/submit multiple Timesheets, in fact we support splitting the timesheet into multiple T+E Reports (e.g. for approval by different Project Managers).

You can view submitted Time Reports by

  • Select a Date for that week (1)
  • Click Query records for week (2)
  • View the previously submitted time (yellow arrow above)
  • By default you see the not submitted time items. Change to a specific Time report (3)
    • If the report was submitted, you can only view it
    • If rejected, you can change the items, and delete and add lines
  • You can also view Other Time/Expense Items for the week at the bottom of the tab

Submit Timesheet

After entering the time, you can create and submit a Time Report for approval.

You can also check the time before submitting the report.  For a resource, you can define the capacity per day and week. The confirmation shows target hours for the week and week day.

Submit Timesheet

In Custom Settings (Accorto Settings), you can set "Timesheet Submit Check" to

  • no - don't show the confirmation (default)
  • yes - always show the confirmation
  • confirm - show if there is an error (fewer hours) with the ability to create a report
  • block -show if there is an error but no ability to create a report

Per Diem

You can optionally directly enter Per Diems in the Timesheet. If not used, you can hide the section.

Set up the different Per Diems in Financial Accounts by setting up the different expenses with fixed amounts and selecting the Per Diem Flag.

Per Diem

Just select the per diem for the date and optionally select a project and enter a description.

Per diems can be submitted in the Time report or separately (e.g. with additional expenses).

For combining Time with expenses, check Visit.


If you link to the Timesheet, you can use parameters for the resource and date for the initial load.



Setup Timesheet

Note that there are many settings to customize the appearance and behavior of the Timesheet entry. For details see Custom Settings.

If you have many Projects, please check Project Display Options (ProjectMode).

You can also add Custom Fields to the Timesheet - or hide not used columns.

Tips & Hints

Resource field not populated

If the Resource field is not automatically populated, make sure that there is a resource for the user and that the User link in the Resource is populated. You can also automatically create or update the resources from user records; For details see Resource.

Change a created T&E Report

After you submitted the timesheet for approval and want to change the T&E report, you have the following options:

  • if it is already approved, just create adjusting entries and submit these
  • if it is not approved, you may be able to recall the report and change the lines in the report.
  • You could now also delete the report. Deleting the report does not delete the T&E lines - they will appear (as usual) in the timesheet and you can modify them there.

Entering Time for Others

You can enter time for others by selecting a different Resource. The user you enter time for must have granted access. See Time Expense Report for setup details.

Copy from Template - Additional columns

If you want to copy additional fields (e.g. description, hours, ...), you can define the fields to copy in 

> Setup > Custom Settings - Manage Accorto Copy Columns (see details)

Note that you need to use the fully qualified names e.g. accorto_TE_Item__c . accorto__Description__c

and if you want to copy hours, you need to copy column accorto__Hours__c and the daily values accorto__x1__c ... accorto__x7__c.

The same applies to the daily descriptions (accorto__d1__c ... accorto__d7__c).