Accorto supports Sales Tax and integrates with Avalara to calculate the Sales Tax for your Invoices.

In this section, we describe 

  • how to Connect to AvaTax
  • how to enter the Tax Codes

Additional Sales Tax related documentation:

Remote Site Settings

In > Setup > Remote Site Settings, create entries for both production and sandbox endpoints, e.g.

Connect to AvaTax

From the Welcome Tab - click on the Accountant section - and click on the Sales Tax Setup (Avalara) link

Welcome Tax

The Avalara Tax Setup allows you to enter AvaTax credentials for your production and Avalara Sandbox environment and determine, which you would use.  When you create a Salesforce Sandbox, make sure that you also select a Tax Sandbox.

You need to provide

  • Account Id
  • License Key

After entering the credential information, you can select the company and test the connection:

Here you also can enable the debug mode (shows transaction details) as well as disable the service entirely or just the tax location service.

You can also define a fallback/default Tax Code. e.g. DC020500 for Computer Software

Tax Code Setup

In Setup > Picklist Value Sets select the Global Value Set Tax Code

You can search for the Tax Codes on the page:

Enter the tax code with some description.

Here we add some examples - make sure to select that the picklist values are added for all Record Types.

You can delete, deactivate or edit the options to ensure you just have the tax Codes applicable for your situation - and select a default value.

You can select the tax code in various places:

  • Invoice Line -- the actually used Tax Code, you can default it from the places below
  • Product -- if a Salesforce Product is selected in the invoice line
  • Activity Type -- if entered overwrites the value in Project Line/Project
  • Projecty Line -- if entered overwrites the value on the Project
  • Project 
  • Fallback in the Tax Setup

Tax Entity/Use Code

We provide the default Tax Entity/Use Codes.  You can update them in

> Setup Picklist Value Sets -- select Edit Tax Entity/Use Code

You can define the Entity/Use Code for an Account - and overwrite it after creating the invoice.

Named/External Credentials

To enter the credentials for Avalara, go to Setup > Named Credentials

Click on the External Credential, e.g. AvaleraProdExternal

Under Principals, select for the "UnPw" parameter, the action Edit

In the Authentication Parameters click Add and add

Parameter 1: Name: AccountId

Parameter 2: Name: LicenseKey

with the appropriate values.