You can create invoices for contractors based on the costs. 

The equivalent on the Account Receivables side is Pre-Billing.


Open the tab Invoice Create (AP)


Select a resource, account, resource type/group/role

and optionally restrict it for a specific Project or Activity Type

and a date range.

Only approved time records are used, but you can Include Not Approved items

After querying, warnings are displayed, if

  • items do not have a cost rate
  • if no account was found for a resource

The invoice candidates are displayed with the details. You can update the invoice date and Document Type.


After you created the invoice(s) links are displayed to directly go to the invoice.



Make sure that the Resource has a Contact that is linked to an Account - as the invoice is created for the Account. You can have the same account for multiple contacts/resources (e.g. an agency).

Resource Price

Set up the cost on the resource price, e.g. via Rate Management.  You can also have a single cost rate on the Resource level for all activities.

Document Type

By default, an AP Invoice document type is created.  You can create specific Document Types.