You can acquire and manage Sales Tax information with Avalara.  After creating an invoice, select the Tax record action.

The general steps are

  • Prepare Tax Information
  • Create Tax Informaton
  • Manage Tax (Commit, Void, ...)

See also: Sales Tax Setup (Avalara) - Account Sales Tax and Tax Location

Tax Details

Prepare Tax Information

In this step, the completeness of tax information is checked, mainly

  • Destination (Ship-To) Tax Location 
  • Origin (Ship-From) Tax Location on Invoice Line level
    • defaults from Time/Expense records
    • with Fallback on invoice level if not defined on Invoice Line
  • Tax Code
    • defaults from
      • Activity Type
      • Project Line, Project
      • Product
    • with Fallback on Invoice Level (from Tax Setup)


Prepare Tax Info

Create Tax

Create Tax calls out to the Avalara Tax service and retrieves the information.

Create Tax

It displays summary information.

You can check the details on Invoice and Invoice Line Level and creates Invoice Tax records.

The status after creating the invoice is Saved.

Manage Tax

Once the tax information is created, you can manage it:

Select the option and click on Execute.