You can display Tasks in a queryable Kanban view. In addition to the standard Kanban functionality in Salesforce, you can

  • determine which task Status codes you want to see (defaults to open status codes)
  • select one or more users (if you have access) as task owners (defaults to all)
  • restrict the Activity Date (due date) range
  • restrict to particular checklists, tasks without a checklist or any tasks (default)
  • restrict to a particular priority or record type if used

In addition to this, you have the usual options as in the Task Management or Timeline

  • Show additional task fields
  • Micro Tasks
  • Inline Edit

You can add the Task Kanban component to any page. If on a record page, the Tasks displayed are restricted to that particular record.

You can cange the status of a Task by gragging it to a different status column. 

Note that this is restricted if you have Micro Tasks - you might have to complete or uncomplete the micro tasks to change the status (but you can move a task with open micro tasks to the Canceled status).