By default, a time/expense item is charged to a particular customer/account.

Accorto also supports the distribution of costs/charges, e.g.

  • Two or more legal entities (accounts) need to be charged based on some ratio
  • Another legal entity (account) provides cost distribution

As a result, multiple invoices are created for the same time/expense item, providing all invoice recipients with the detailed information.


Set up a Project and link it to the primary account (and opportunity).

Add a Project Distribution record for all accounts to be charged.  You can have multiple projecty distributions.

Example: 20% of the 'North Star' project is charged to 'South Star'

In the distribution, you specify the Account to be charged and the Invoice recipient (Contact), and you can overwrite some invoice details.

Creating Invoices

As normal, you go through Pre-Billing to select the date range, etc., of the time/expense items.

Instead of a single invoice, multiple invoices are created.

In the invoice the distribution percent is indicated.