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The Classic and the New Lightning Experience

Here just an introduction to the new Salesforce Lightning Experience - a documentation of the starting point and comparison.  Some work is required on our side to make it work nicely ... and we'll have some time until release in October.

(1) Application Selection

The Classic way is that you select the apps in a drop-down (red arrow) and then get the Tabs (blue arrow):

In future you select click on the apps picker and select your application:

and then you get the Apps Menu

... quite a bit of white space.

(2) Object - Record Selection

From the classic style

to the new:

Very nice!  In this pre-release version, you cannot define new search views (yet) and the left main menu does not change.

(3) Record Level

Very different - from the classic "long page":

To the new experience:

Looks Great - The major differences:

  • Two tabs Related and Details - more compact and no scrolling!
  • If we had defined Fields in the Layout for the Highlight Panel, they would show in the header - looks nice if done (well, this is our starting point).
  • Here "New Contact" and "New Opportunity" Actions show up - so have to clean up the Layout Action Bar.
But - no more inline editing (in this version), so for changes, you need to click Edit (New has the same layout):

Very clean and lot's of white space - but no collapsible regions (also not in the detail tab).

So, what are we doing to get ready (and you might be doing to get Lightning ready)?

  • Fix Object layout - Highlights, actions, etc.
  • If you have Visualforce pages, you can fix them up - or rewrite them, but they will look a bit out of place. For our main Visualforce pages, we plan to rewrite them - with our toolset "Lightning Dart" - 


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