You can view the Daily Time entered for multiple Resources for any time span.

Information is displayed as soon as the time is entered.

Open the Tab "Daily Time" from (+) All Tabs or the App Launcher 

For each of the Resources, the time entered is color coded based on the information in the Resource record (Capacity/d [default: 8h] and Days per week [default: 5])

  • red if below the daily Capacity
  • green if the same as the Capacity/d
  • blue if above the Capacity/d
  • gray for weekend
  • yellow for no time entered and less than 5 days per week

Example: Resource time by Project with Item details:

Resource time by Project with Item details

Note that you can create a Salesforce report with the same information and a few restrictions using the report type "T&E Items with T&E Item Days". 

Selection / Query

Daily Time Query Selection

The option "Show Resources without hours" allows you to see missing information (see also T+E Report Reminder)

The level of detail displayed is determined by

  • Grouping (e.g. -none-)
  • Show Item details (default: selected)

Optionally, you can group the time entered by

  • Project (default)
  • Project|Phase|Line
  • Account
  • Activity Type
  • -none-

Optionally restrict the information to display

  • specific Resource Groups (setup)
  • Time entries with a particular status (e.g. Approved)
  • (Non)Billable time

Depending on the data volume, you may run into Salesforce Governor limits. In this case, restrict the information, e.g.

  • specific Resource Groups
  • narrower Date Range

Export CVS

You can export the information displayed by selecting the option and copying the data into a file and save it as .csv.