Track 4D (Track the 4th dimension = time) from Accorto allows to enter time and expenses and is a convenient alternative to logging into Salesforce or using the Salesforce Mobile Application.

The application uses the OAuth protocol to get access to your data securely and all data is stored in Salesforce.

After you logged in:


(1) Main Icon

- click on it to return to the Dashboard

(2) Title

(3) Documentation Link

- opens

(4) User Information

Depending how you logged in, your initials or profile photo is displayed.

When clicking on it, it shows a dropdown with

(1) your name

- Link: Settings

- Link: Status

- Link: LogoutĀ -- also removes all local cookies

(2) Organization Name

(5) Help and Support

Create a support request and search for solutions. You can also attach a screenshot.