Here is the link to install or upgrade to the latest version in your Salesforce Enterprise Edition instance.

Current Version: 3.322 

This is the link to upgrade or install the package in your production or development organization.
If you want to install it in a sandbox, replace the "login" in the link above with "test".

We suggest: Install for Admins Only. Users should have one of the provided Permission Sets,
even if you Install for All Users or Install for Specific Profiles.

We are happy to help; just pick a good time for you at 

The mobile UI ( or is updated automatically.

User Onboarding

the easiest way is to add the link Create/Update Resource to the User layout. This then ensures that all three user prerequisites are fulfilled:

  • Resource created and synced to the user
  • License assigned (no need in Sandbox)
  • Permission Set 'Accorto T+E User' assigned
    • if the user also creates/maintains projects and resources,
      please assign the permission set 'Accorto T+E Administrator' manually

The Permission Sets provide access to Objects and Fields; for record access use: Sharing Rules.

Recent Release Notes


- Expense Sheet decimal entry and rounding fix, labels

- Opportunity - Project sync emhancements

3.318/9improve, fix

- Expense Sheet with Attachments/Receipts (LWC)

- Open Expenses Component

- Expense Sheet Show Billable (independent of Timesheet)

- Copy TE Item Document links to Invoice/Lines

- Summer regression fix for Account.IsPriorityRecord 

3.316improve, fix

- Timer/New Time component: description and project config

- Project Allocation Planned Billing/Cost

- Timesheet: Show Project Code only if different from name

- Timesheet, Timer, Time: handling decimal comma fix + Lookup performance

- Project Lookup: user-defined order by

- Open Timesheets: Ability to hide Work hours, customizable community Time Url

- Timesheet: Save+Submit button option

3.310/4fix, improve

- Billing Option: No Charge (invoiced, but with 0)

- Project Invoice Distribution

- Invoice: reverse/delete

- Resource: Targeted Billable Hours w.Report

- Mass Approval: require a reason for rejection

- Time In/Out: added Tax Location

- Timer, NewTE component: Description fix

- Tax Location fixes

- Mobile access fixes

3.306fix, improve

- Security fixes

- User Resource: transfer records to another user

- PreBilling: restrict to Invoice Cycle from Project or Account

3.304/5improve, fix

- Project Template: copy restrict to phase (details)

- Project Phase/Line: explicitly set to active, planned; API with source option

- Time Off Detail fix; User Resource fix

- Timesheet: enter time as another resource fix

- Activity Type: Security fix, max DropDown

3.303fix, improve

- Time Off Accrual Entitlement: calculation based on worked hours, max carry-over (details)

- Time Off Detail: Running total of time-off balance (details)

- T+E Report approval mail templates with link to Timesheet an approval comment

- Avalera: using Named Credentials

- TE Item: Status (sync) to show correct Item/Report Status

- Time Off: Calculate End Time + create Event fix

- Translate: New Time+Expense (fr/de)

- Timesheet: Auto-Populate improvements

- Assigned Projects: if added to the Contact or Resource page, show their projects

3.298/9fix, improve

- Time Off Event permission

- Flow support: invoke apex to create T+E Report

3.294/5improve- Invoice Summary Layout options, Default Invoice layout (details)

- User/Resource sync query fix

- Opportunity field access fix

- Mass Import detail debugging, ignores Byte Order Mark in file

3.288improve, fix

- Save Resource price reference in TE_Item

- Open Timesheets: documentation + lightning community settings

- T+E Report Approval: Queue selection fix

- Rounding for timer (details)

- Timesheet submit check (details

- Restrict Activity Type in Timer, New T+E

improve. fix

- Email Responder (create, update, import T+E Items) via email

- Timer: create item with namespace reference

- Project Line Allocation: View Limit and Sharing Info


- TE Item Record Name: size to 255

- Project Line Status: include expenses in not invoiced items

- User Create/Update Resource: fix

- Timesheet component: Project/Line fix (inactive+completed)

improve, fix

- TE Item Price/Cost Update: option for active users only

- T+E Item Long Description in T+E Report report and Resource Weekly report

- Timesheet component: info if hours are entered for a future day

- Project Line Status information (not invoiced, ...) details 

- User de-activation check and transfer ownership details

3.280fix, improve

- Assigned Projects component: make references clickable, Identity users

- Time entry: daily max hours overwrite

- Invoice Tax: high volume fix

- T+E Report Approval: Layout, Query only Resource/Project/Date range

3.277improve, fix

- Report: Resources with+without prices

- Payroll Update: explicit error info

- Project account change: update account of items

- Project Line phase change: update Project Phase of items

- Assigned Projects component: show assigned Project/Lines and populate New Time dialog

- Utilization calculation for external Resources fix

- Daily Time: added item status and descriptions

- Customer Approval: Toggle Approve|Reject improvement


- Time Off Request: Expiry limit issue fix, sync Event

- PreBilling: Resource-only invoice create fix

- Timesheet: changes ignored after save failure fix

3.273/4improve, fix

- T+E Item Report: Use selected items in the list view

- Time Off Accrual: Executions debug

- Time Off: User-defined Type (e.g. Sick)

- Mass Import: Import Vendor

- Expense Table: Handling of default Expenditure Type

- Invoice Document No: prevent duplicates

- Mass Import: Skip async project update for high record counts

- Invoice: Tax Handling of Credit Memo


- Payroll Overtime Calculation based on billable hours, add billable, cost amount for incentive calculation

- Payroll Entry/Summary Adjustment: default to Both

- TE Report Field Sets: Approved By references

- Project Update actuals (+PreBilling): Timeframe user-definable (from 90 days)


- TE Item Report (query items and create/submit reports) - details

- Prevent duplicate Project Line Allocations

- Invoice: Avalara Sales Tax integration - Setup - Account - Invoice

3.270fix, improve- Project Update High Volume: don't update T+E Item prices option
- TE Import: clarify error message Invalid vs Not Found
- Timesheet: Changed Project account info message
- PreBilling: Pricing use First T+E Date consistency
- PreBilling: Split By Day fix
- Invoice from T+E Reports: Date from/to fix

- TE Item Import - NPE

- TE Item split by day: parameter to set max query limit

- TE Item Mass Update: Limit user definable via Parameter: TeItemMassUpdateLimit

- Invoice Report Instability fix

3.267fix, improve

- Resource Price Custom callout fix

- New Invoice - Add invoice lines: reduce ViewState

- New T+E as Quick Action

- Invoice layout/format by Document Type fix

- TE Item Mass Update: update financial account


- TE Item split by Day: limit message and handing

- Timesheet: round totals, if scale > 2

- Lookups (Activity Type, ..) keyboard navigation/selection with Enter

3.264fix, improve

- Create AP Invoice: Show First TE Date, Copy Start/End date

- Create Invoice: item long description copy fix

- Create Invoice AP: volume management fix

- Pre-Billing: Invoice date consistency + set start/end date

- TE Item Mass update: Show total record count and update all option

3.263improve, fix

- Timer: create an Item directly, if the timer is completed and not previously started

- Account Tax Location: show alias, go to Tax Location directly

- Tax Location: only the Resources location is active/selectable (managers cant select other peoples locations)

- Handling of long TE Item Descriptions in TE Report Approval, Invoice, Customer Invoice review

- Invoice Summary service level configurable (project/phase/line) [from hardcoded project line]

- Create AP Invoice by account

- New Expense component: when the date is selected - enable save

- Invoice Payments: exclude quotes, etc. in open amount

- Pre-Billing: amount formatting

- Custom Pricing callout for volume-based pricing or custom price metrics

- Resource Price Effective to (end-date)

- Option to automatically create missing Project Lines

3.261fix, improve- Lookup search fix

- Tax Location context fix

- Account Tax Location - Back button

- Pick Dropdown positioning fix

- Timer: init case+opportunity fields, long description, rounding

- New Time: long description

- Timesheet: show totals, hours rounding, empty select fix

3.260improve, fix

- Account Tax Sync

- Tax Location: batch API to create default resource location from user address

- Invoice Tax calculation

- Timesheet: Tax Location only private or project/account specific

3.259improve, fix

- Tax Location enhancements

- TE Item Split Source reference

- Open TE Reports: query only active resources by resource group+type

- Timesheet(classic): update Account if the project changes w/o confirmation

- Timesheet: required daily description check fix

improve, fix

- TE Item Split by Day details

- Create Invoice from RE Reports: reduce ViewSize

- Tax Location details

3.257improve, fix- TE Item Split by Day (details)
- Calendar import and display fix
3.252improve, fix

- Customer Invoice Approval

- Time Calendar: Import Calendar Events

- TE Report Summary duplicate column check

- TE Item Import Resource cache fix

- Flexible limit for Resources cache size and PreBilling record count

- Invoice Report layout (fieldset) improvements

- PreBilling show billing options based on volume, improved messages

- Welcome Status: T+E Item Status Check Report, T+E Item Split Check Report 

- New Time+Expense component: Save+Submit in one step

- API to check/enforce daily/weekly hours

3.248fix, improve

- Lookup Component: performance optimize, search sub-title, debounce

- Resource: volume/collection management

- Timesheet fieldsets: handle read-only, required

- Activity (Event/Task): Removed unused fields (hours remaining, completed)

- Timesheet lookup/select/project after validation error selection fix

- Timesheet show the correct number of saved records (e.g. saved without time)

3.243fix, improve

- Timesheet component: status layout fix, lookup stability fix, dropdown width to fit the content, show title when selected

- Timesheet component: daily description caching fix

- OFX Import invalid data tolerance fix

3.242improve, fix

- Default Billing CC from Account

- Timesheet: auto-populate lines with active project allocation or project line allocations

- Payment Term default fix

- Project Line Status (Info) improvements

- Time entry: hour entry fix for e.g. 15.0 or 15. (rather than minutes)

3.240improve, fix

- Time Calendar: enter/view time in a calendar format

- Open Timers component: show/manage active timers

- Lookup fix: if the parent is not optional, no options are displayed if there is no parent

- Timesheet: show Activity Type only for selected project with Resource Price for project/activity type

- Rate Management: Sort by Resource for Projects


- Project Allocation details

- Time Off Request (Classic): enter start time option


- Project Update Actuals: handle more than 50k items per project line, dynamic batch size details

- Welcome Status: list items w/o project lines, Cache Test, and improved Info

- Split of Report fix: too many soql

- Project Component performance improvements

3.234improve, fix

- Time Off Request (Lightning component) - details 

- Time Off Request partial days based on Business Hours

- Publish Time Off to Public Calendars

- Project Actual Duration and Actual Time Elapsed reference the adjusted Actual End

- Timesheet next week stability, inactive project fix

- Open Timesheets fix for semi-monthly

3.233improve, fix

- Create AP (Contractor) Invoices

- Close Project/Phase/Line option dropdown on blur

- Accorto Status explanations, sorting, access to main entities

- Project Line Allocation: reduce ViewSize

- T+E Report field access fix

- Project Actual End field to correctly show end before complete


- Set Project/Phase/Line input width explicitly (for long names)

- Text fields in Timesheet Field Sets


- Timesheet - Project Line Status: Show Planned Hours and actual Hours

- Resource Cost Management: use Resource level Costs only or as a fallback when there is no Resource Price cost (details)

- Project Line: Entry Until restricts (all) users entering time after the date

- Project Line Allocation: De-Select Active or Entry Until restricts specific user entering time after the date for "Project Community Sharing"='always'

- Project Line Allocations: Layout improvements

- TimeOff Use records: option to create/update immediately (no need to wait until approved)

- T+E Report: maintains now Billable/NonBillable Hours

- TE Item Day: update when Item descriptions are changed fix

- Invoice Report: clickable links to invoice and invoice line


- TE Item: Opportunity and Account update fix

- Create Invoice from Project - performance fix

- Invoice Report encoded parameter fix

- Lookup component: overwrite Active field, Status field, and values

- Component Community URL fix

3.227improve, fix

- Invoice Report (view and create pdf) - details

- Apex Start (Start Button): Fix repeated Start, Close

- Invoice Tax Line fix, Tax derived from Account

- Billing Report (same criteria as Pre-Billing)

- Invoice Payments: Set Paid flag from Status

- Rate Management: Check for Limits (too many resources)

3.226improve, fix

- Create Invoice from Project: parameter for default Fixed Charge Amount query selection

- Welcome tab Status: information with links to follow-up records and failed job info

- Paths (Invoice, Project, Line Status)

- Invoice custom fields duplicate bug fix

- TE Report date - also first/last option for Time/Expense

- Pre-Billing: Select projects by Project Manager

3.225improve, fix

- Timesheet component: handle no Resource

- Invoice Line daily de3.scription content+consistency: yes/no/plain/all

- Invoice Payment improvements (show total by status)

- Lookup parent relationship e.g. Account-Contact,Opportunity,Case, custom objects (details)

- Project Workbench link/view options

- Use of Platform Cache (details)


- Project Line Allocation: Planned Effort consistency fix

- Create Invoice: Line options layout improvements

- Time Off Accrual: adjust batch size

- Visit: initialization check fix


- Invoice from Project Line (fixed price): exclude Expenses fix

- Start Time Off Capture Actuals - better labels/titles

- Timesheet component: project with single phase/line default fix

improve, fix

- Create Invoice from Project Phases/Lines (fixed price): query restrictions, Fixed Price include/exclude Expenses

- Merge new Invoices

- Pre-Billing for multiple Projects (from Project List)

improve, fix

- Time components: if account selected, show only opportunities of account

- Timesheet component: long description

- Time components: ensure contact - account consistency

- New T+E component: optionally show Billable

improve. fix

- Rate Management: Resource Base Price list entry, query effective from

- New T+E and Timer components: specify default references in component settings

- Time Off Request: query other time off types

- API upgrade


- Project Recalculate Actuals: start async option for high volume projects

- Project Line access for selected Resource Groups or Types for all or specific project line

- Timer and New T/E component: utility bar support, show name/reference in timesheet

- Project Line: add Resource to Allocation performance fix

- Project Line Allocation: entered planned effort of all allocations updates Project Line Effort (breaking change)

- Time Off Component: show balance and history

3.215improve- Rate Management for Accounts, set effective from, duplicate detection
3.214improve, fix

- Rate Management: Mass Edit, Copy rates - details

- Pre Billing: Create Multiple Invoices - details

- Timer/New Time component: show server error details

- Timesheet (component): navigate save error show the correct date

- Project Phase with single Line (component): save default line fix

- New T+E Item component: direct link to custom object lookup


- Expenditure Type cache improvement

- Access for Chatter Only license

- Timesheet component: don't show phases w/o lines

- T+E Item Import Process: run/repeat multiple times

3.212improve, fix

- Project Resource replace: handle no price required

- (Mass) Import improvements: show mapping, doc

- Timesheet component: project/phase/line query stability

- Timesheet submit confirmation based on resource group or type

3.211improve, fix

- Expense Report Reimbursement: general improvements, create from report (details)

- Open Timesheet fixes: community reference, semi-monthly period sequence

- Timesheet component: toggle Show one/all days stay on day + stability

- Project Resource Replace: fix volume

- Project Line Allocations: fix empty

- T+E Item update Account from Case

- Sharing (inherited) fixes

3.210improve, fix

- T+E Import: show Import Lines directly

- Timesheet, New Time, Timer components: handle decimal comma

- Price Management with Resource Role details

- Rate Management: view and create resource prices details

- Open Timesheets, New Time+Expense, Timer, Mass Approval component: don't show if no access/license (e.g. on the home page)

- User Manual Template details

- Open Timesheet: show semi-monthly, capacity fix

- Reports: Hours by Resource and Status last week; Hours by Resource submitted (reminder)

- T+E Mass Approval: manager can query approvals for Queue

- Replace Project Resources: also replace Allocations

3.209improve, fix

- Create Holiday Time items for resources (details)

- Project Restructure: Move Project Lines and References (details)

- System Status Page (from Welcome)

- Copy Project from Template: handle Billable fix

- T+E Import: Ignore (empty) columns, custom Project lookup column, etc. (details)


- T+E Item Account consistency fix

- Timesheet access for plain Community users

- Timesheet component: next/previous, descriptions, lookup, semi-monthly fixes, ordering

- Access check/validation fixes

- Project Line Sharing dialog: consistent ordering

3.202improve, fix

- Time component: Copy records from previous weeks - with or without hours/descriptions

- Lookup component - show custom fields

3.200improve, fix

- T+E Report Maintenance Utility

- Invoice Markup fix

- Time copy previous error fix

- T+E Report Approval: high volume, layout improvements, administrator can select an approver


- Time - save loses Projects, Activity Types for multiple new lines fix

- Select component (e.g. Billable) - handle value/readonly fix

3.196improve, fix

- Community User Project Sharing

- Lookup Result high volume and error handling

- New Time+Expense component showing FieldSet references as in Time/Timesheet

- Time Off Accrual - user-defined entitlement hours function

- Time component - confirm changes before date change

- Submit Timesheet - reduce the number of queries (docs, attachments, notes) for split by project

- T+E Report now has also Estimated Billing Info in addition to Estimated Cost Info (users do not have access)

- Pre-Billing alerts for exceeding Project PO Amounts or Not-To-Exceed Amounts details

- Create Invoice from Projects - performance improvements

- PrePayment / Retainer management for Projects details


3.194improve, fix

- T+E Report access fix (delete not required for User)

- Billing CC on Project and Invoice (add additional invoice recipients)

- Invoice start/end date - derived from T+E Item fist/last date printed if the Invoice Layout Setting: Start/End Date Label is defined

- Timesheet component: Approval Comments and Submit checks (e.g. hours for week > 40h)

- Financial Account based on Project Lines for non-expenses in invoice lines (e.g. to distinguish consulting, services, referral, reimbursements) details

- User defined Time Off Accrual entitlement hours API

- Lookup improvements for Case and Opportunity

3.193fix, improve

- Open Timesheet namespace fix

- Project/Line Status change to 'Started' immediately when referenced by T+E Items (no need to wait for items to be approved)

- T+E Report create copies all unique values from Items (Project, Account, Vendor, .. and Documents)

- Mass Import of T+E Items with report creation options


- Time Off Overtime calculation

- Timesheet component closed week handling

- Timesheet update previous weeks to copy on save/delete

- Open Timesheet configurable show billable time and number of periods


- Invoice Payment Term hierarchy fix (default - Account - Project)

- Timesheet component performance fixes

- Translation fixes


3.189improve, fix

- Import stability fix (msg: Regex too complicated)

- Timer update; video

- Timesheet component: translation French, German; improved Submit info; query fix; Copy from Week

- Open Timesheets: toggle week/month, translated

- Accents fix in: Project, Lookup

- Create Report: set project fix

- Report Mass Approval: high volume mitigation

3.178improve, fix

- Project Line Copy from Template - fix that Billable Hours were not adjusted to overwritten Planned Hours

- Project Line Allocation save now updates Project Line automatically

- "New Time+Expense" component improvements (video)

- Vendor tracking for T+E Expenses


- Timesheet (L) - daily descriptions, weekends, remove user option if org defines (video)

- Project Phase Tab (for Search)

- Create/Submit TE Report (by Project if enabled) consistently

- Project select auto-reduction (L)

3.176improve, fix

- Submit TE Reports async if too many reports

- Opportunity Create/Sync Project: Line content determined by FieldSet

    (add your fields to Project Line FieldSet: LineAddition)

- Invoice send email: derive text version automatically

- Access fix for Community Users (removed TE Item: Opportunity, Case)

- Timesheet (LWC)


- Pre-Billing create invoice - add invoice lines automatically

- Invoice line document tax amount fix

- Access check fix (Resource, Activity Type, FinOrg)

- Invoice query Fin.Account code

- Pre-Billing batch size fix

- Timer improvements

- Discontinue Aura Components


- T+E Item Import: check Resource/User active

- Timesheet require hours when (daily) description provided

- Invoice Billing Street - multiple lines

- Pre-Billing - batch option for high volume invoices

3.169improve, fix

- T+E Report Approved Info (user, date and comment)

- User provided currency rates (details)

- Invoice Markup based on Fin Account and Resource Price (details)

- Invoice lines ordered by Report first TE date

- Open Timesheets for own and accessible timesheets (manager)

- Project/lines set to not billable of no Account - fixed: Item Billable check

- SF Mobile layout improvements


- Expense table layout fixes (reason, field-set)

- Invoice Summary Layout - Zero tax line added

- Timer and Capture New Time+Expense component from any page - details

- Create Invoice restrict to Project Line

- Option to not show Projects if there are no lines

- Don't show Project Phases if there are no lines

- Project Line Fixed Price Utility


- Timesheet overwrite account message

- Access to Custom Settings

- TE Item - maintain Payroll Code

- Project Line Expense Tracking (details)

3.166improve, fix

- Invoice Resource price based on Service date (not current date)

- Pre-Billing Resource Price detail info

- T&E Item Month field for reporting

- Timesheet Optionally Hide Create from Project Allocations

- Create Resource/License/Permission from User

- Add access to Custom Settings for Admin Permission Set


- Payroll Entry Owner - active user check

- Payroll Processes - email cc addresses

- T+E Item Mass Update - also Billable

- PreBilling - Price Origin Details

- Invoice Note by Financial Organization, Cur, Document Type, e.g. for Remittance or legal info

3.164improve, fix

- Recurring Project Lines (annual, name with year)

- Resource User - handle inactive user


- Timesheet activity date range fix

- Billable default fix

3.160improve, fix

- Add allocated Project Lines to Timesheet (doc)

- Capture from Case - load referencing Project Line

- T+E Item with Case reference to update Case details

- Resource user link not created if user inactive

- Pre-Billing shows price changes and old price/cost

3.159improve, fix

- T+E Item Mass Update (doc)

- Pre-Billing Expense and layout improvements

- Invoice Markup Percent for Time/Expense only

- For a Resource, update Project Actuals and/or T+E Item Prices (add link to Page Layout) (doc)

3.158improve, fix

Permission Access Tax

Project Recalculate Actuals performance improvements


Resource Price for Projects with Planned Start after

Removed access to Resource Prices for non-administrators

Invoice Line Tab (for search)

Project Workbench - Manage Allocations (doc)

Invoice Layout fix

T+E Open Reports (doc)

TE Report Date of Imports

3.155improve, fix

Invoice format improvements with document note (doc)

Payment Term (long note) fix

Send PDF Invoice via Email (doc)

3.154improve, fix

Open Timesheets (component showing not submitted timesheets)

Timer (component capturing time with timer)

T+E Report Reminder: send Summary Email

Project Update batch from 14 to modified in the last 90 days

Invoice Local Date Format

3.153improve, fix

Gapless (consecutive) Invoice Number (doc)

Payroll Period, Summaries, Entries same currency as Payroll Processor

Project Line Prerequisites

Connected Apps references

Resource Ownership change error handling

Resource List Weekly stability

Translation remove hardcoded language


Full Translation for Invoices (doc) 

Resource Weekly (List) enhancements (approval history, weekends) (doc)

Timesheet + Expenses tab in Console stability

Resource cache enhancements

3.151improve, fixPer Diem: US GSA and German Reisekosten (doc)
Flexible Weekend (non-working days - other than Sa/Su - useful also for part-time) (doc)
Project Rollup for Expenses (not just time);
PreBilling to pass all parameters for Invoice creation;
PreBilling to exclude items with fixed Price invoicing;
Utilization Calculation instability fix with many batches;
3.150fixTime Off Status; Time Off Reject handling fix;
Expense Cap handling fix
3.148improveInvoice (Summary) Layout improvements;
Cancel Time Off (also unlock and recall approval requests);
My Open Timesheets (Lightning Component)
3.147improve, fix

Payroll Period Close sets Close Date for all - fix (now only specific payroll processor);

Report Times Off Hours/Days by Resource (and fix of Time Off by User Report);

TE Mass Approval improvements; 

Time Off Request prevent autocomplete; 

Timesheet Submit confirmation fix and layout; 

Project Search increase size, Safari to use  Dropdown;

3.143improve, fixTime Off Request in Days only;
Payroll Processor Auto Close relative days;
Timesheet submit check options: no - yes - confirm - block (e.g. 40h)
Empty Project (Id, Performance fix)
Report “T+E Hours (Not) Entered last Week”
Project Line - Share All
3.141improve, fixTime Off Request layout enhancements;
Timesheet enforce mandatory Daily Description;
Timesheet show report details and show all time for a week;
T+E Report Item count now correct when submitting timesheet by project;
Dynamic Project selection - remove invalid suggestions + validated for Chrome, Safari, FF, Edge, IE11
Timesheet submission check (e.g. 8h/day 40h/week);
Payroll Code on Project Line (e.g. Vacation, Overtime)
3.140improveRecurring Project Lines - quarterly;
Time Off Request create and submit;
Timer component (beta)
3.139improve, fixExpense Table Expenditure Type selection/query + default;
Split TE Item fix future call;
Invoice Payment improvements;
Expense Volume error fix;
3.138improveTrack Payments for Invoices;
Capture from Project prefill/create option
3.137fixHidden Project Phase fix
3.135/6improve, fixCapture from enhancements;
Time Off based on Resource for consolidated reporting
3.134improve, fixCapture Time - repeated entry fix and project selection/creating improvements;
Capture Expenses from Case
3.133improve, fixCapture Time from Case: create Project/Line;
Capture Time from Account for GrandParent;
Resource Sync to keep Contact;
Timesheet + Expense Entry Sorting;
3.132improve, fix

Capture From project lookup for Account, Opportunity, Case; 

Capture from Account using Parent Accounts;

Project Share All Lines fix; 

Events > 14 days fix; 

3.131fix, improveMobile TE Report Create date fix;
Project Recalculate Actuals with status Closed/NoActual fix;
Resource Price calculation fix;
Expense Tax Handling improvements;
Timesheet Parameters (resource, start date) from URL;
Time Off terminology improvements
3.130improve, fixPermission Set for Administrators to create/view/modify TE records for all users;
Project Percent complete upper limit fix;
Import Financial Account link fix;
Billable flag set to default when changing Project/Line;
Project Mode “ProjectAndLine” fix
3.129improveConsistent Project Info Display;
UI/Lightning layout improvements
3.128improveOptionally Hide Activity in Expense option;
Optionally Hide Links in Timesheet/Expense option;
Consistent Sort of Project selections;
Delete of T+E Reports with Items;
Import show imported Reports and Items;
UI enhancements
3.127fixT+E Reminder query fix; Default Project Line fix; T+E Date output format in Locale
3.126improveVisit (combined time with expenses)
T+E Import Improvements (create one report only, date parsing, total hours/amounts, more warnings)
3.125improveResource Code source configurable from User fields;
T+E Report Summary Totals (incl. Activity Types);
T+E Report Configurability Improvements;
3.124fix, improveCommunity User Management (Permissions, License, Owned Records, Project Line Allocations)
3.121improveTE Report (Timesheet) Layout enhancements;
Fin Org Logo for TE Report and Invoice;
Resource specific Financial Account Fixed Amount (e.g. Mileage, Per Diem);
Automatic assignment of Permission Sets to Resource Users (Platform, Community);
Default Activity Type for Resource;
Default Project Line (when no line selected);
T+E Report Mass Approval to display custom fields (field set);
3.118improveTE Report and Invoice Header to use Financial Organization Address;
Capture Time from Tasks to update Task Info;
Restrict Activity Type usage (e.g. only Time/Expense, Project Line Types)
3.117fixUtilization Calculation fix;
Create From Billable fix;
3.116improve, fixUtilization Record Management tab with single Resource option;
Import Improvements (Synonyms, ..);
Resource Price Currency fix;
Project T+E Item Mass-Update improvements;
3.115improveTime rounding;
Capture Time From .. Lightning UI improvements;
Project Line Planned Duration calc fix;
Import Statements Improvements;
Mass-Update T+E Items after Project change (e.g. Account, Opportunity, Billable)
3.113/4fix, improveProject Line with status Drafting (not selectable in Timesheet);
Display fix for T+E Item Billable;
Deployment bug fix
-- to add the new project line status
> Setup > Objects > Project Line
- Field: Status - add picklist value: Drafting
3.112improveLightning component for TE Approval;
Tab for TE Approval, Daily Time;
Cleanup __project__ line;
T+E Item Billable consistent Project Default
3.111improveEmpty TE Item handling;
Timesheet ignore item fix;
Update Actuals for Project-Level records;
Update Resource Pricing (PreBilling);
Lightning link improvements;
Same fields in Project copy Template and Project from Opportunity
3.110fixLightning Stylesheet compatibility issue
3.109improveCreate Invoice from Reports improvements (date restrictions) and integration with Pre-Billing;
Daily Time improvements with multiple Resource Group support
3.108improveWelcome clickable Overview;
Mass T+E Report Approval;
Project level current info;
Resource List Weekly fix;
Lightning UI improvements
3.106/7improveView Daily Time dialog for Resources in date range;
Contract access fix
3.105improveProject update performance/improvements;
T+E: lookup Account from Contact;
T+E: Long Text for Item description
3.104improveSimplify Payroll Process;
Platform Users can create Invoices
3.103fixProject Line Allocation update fix;
Project Replace Resource Lightning compatibility fix;
TE Item Waiting and Account sync fix;
Update Project Line Actuals without Items; Timesheet report
3.102improveProject Line Record Type;
Activity Type Billable Override, Project Access for Platform User fix,
Invoice Layout Customization Improvements
3.101improveT+E Report layout options;
Case Comment fix;
Opportunity Project sync Line Fieldset;
Timesheet Ignore Line option;
Mass Create Reports improvement
3.100improveResource Last Report/Hours,
Project Field Set (Record Type),
Mass Submit Report, Lightning Version update
3.99improveTE Report Reminder improvements, Instant ItemDay update with instance Split
3.98ImproveTimesheet Report ownership fix;
Timesheet Day unexpected token fix;
Capture time date fix;
Project Line with Phase without Phase displayed;
Capture Time Improvements
3.97ImprovePayment Term fix;
Timesheet Reason;
Daily Timecard Billable fix;
Share All Project Lines Default;
ItemDay create immediately;
Capture Time daily description option
3.94/6improveAccess message improvements;
Permission Sets;
TE Item Split when submitting;
Test data;
TE Item Price/Cost with restricted access
3.93improveImport improvements;
Financial Accounts active flag;
Timecard usability improvement
3.92improveItem Opportunity access fix;
Timecard Day only;
Statement Import improvements
3.90/1improveOpportunity Time improvements;
Report Reminder Improvements
3.89improveResource to post TE Items to closed periods for other Resources (e.g. adjustments)
3.88improveCopy Project Template Phases, Resource Creation improvements;
Uber Import currency fix; Split Items resilience
3.83improveProject Statement of Work (SoW) outline;
Project Copy Template enhancements (copy allocations);
Inactive Project Phase fix
3.80/2improveTimesheet show submitted report details, edit rejected timesheet;
Expense copy/delete/ignore lines, query improvements
3.77improveActivity Type Active flag, ProjectUpdate batch improvements
3.75fixTE Item/Report Receipt Date fix
3.74improveRecurring Project Lines (e.g. Service contracts);
T+E Report sync of T+E Item Date (Receipt Date)
3.71/3improveProject Line Planned Effort change fix;
Expense tab query improvements;
Dynamic Dropdown with Code/wbs + sharing
3.70fixTE Report update/rollup
3.69fixTE Report Reimbursable Amount fix
3.68minorT+E Report layout improvements, T+E Report Est.Costs, Capture Case r/o access
3.67minorDefault Project for Resource; Timesheet different Resource Project access;
Timesheet Template copy custom fields
3.66fixHelp Links, Project Actual fix
3.65installRemoved Lightning Components (requiring MyDomain)
3.64minorProject from Opportunity: copy Template Project; Project display; Lightning enhancements
3.63minorRemoved T+E Item Import restriction (Project active), Reminder Item Processing fix
3.62minorSafari Dropdown, Consistent Sort of Project/Lines (Code-Name / WBS-Start-Name)
3.61fixApexStart name space + security (Popup fix)
3.60minorPdf T+E Report options; Opportunity Territory handling
3.57/8minorLocales with decimal comma; Dynamic Project Dropdown Sharing
3.56imoroveImport ISO-8859-1 files; Expense Query prints total amounts; TE Report currency info; Rename Payment to Reimbursement
3.53/5improveLightning + Classic UI improvements, Project Dynamic Dropdown, Landscape T+E Report
3.50/1minorProject Template fix; Access and Field Level Security improvements
3.49minorField Level Security optimization
3.48minorImport Improvements (Project phase/line, completed lines)
3.46/7minorLightning Enhancements
3.45minorImport volume improvement, Expense entry defaults
3.43/4improveImport custom columns, Resources w/o user, Import to ignore trail
3.40/2improveSend Import files via Email, Import Uber Trip expenses, Import Preview
3.32/9improveMonthly Payroll processing
3.31improveT+E Item Import Improvements (create Reports + submit them)
3.28minorWeekly Resource, T+E Report Summary Report, Reminder Improvements, Future methods
3.25/7minorProject cost planning, report format updates, TE Report/Item submit improvements
3.23minorProject actuals performance improvements, Update T+E items via Import, Resource Weekly
3.21minorImport improvements (T+E, Fin. Accounts), Resource Report
3.20minorT+E Report and Project Stabilization
3.19improveT+E Reminder with daily capacity check
3.18improveProject Line average rate, Resource Email formula, T+E Report Pdf, Invoice Pdf
3.17minorCompleted Project Line handling
3.16changeProject Line Sharing changes, T&E Item Days, stabilization
3.15minorVersion upgrades
3.14improveProject Budget and T&E Item Days (daily details)
3.13minorExclude query columns, Project line sharing improvements, Project Overview (Team allocation)
3.12improveCopy Project Lines from Template, improved Invoice and TE Report pdf layout
3.9improveCurrent Project/Line Information
3.8improveResource Pricing (now incl. costs + activity), Pre-Billing, Welcome UI
3.7improveTime Report Reminder, Payroll Backlink, Invoice Batch improvements
3.5/6minorAuto-close improvements
3.4minorLightning & Mobile UI, Shift
3.2/3minorLightning improvements, Capture Time from Cases: long descriptions
3.1reorgDiscontinue outdated items (workbench)
2.176minorUI fixes, patch
2.169UILightning Experience Certified, Project Line Allocation enhancements
2.164minorProject/Line Progress, Invoice Line Reason, Project Line Allocation improvements
2.163minorResource Plan, In/Out Timepunch enhancements
2.162minorPayroll improvements (Resource link), Resource Plan (beta)
2.161minorOptimize billing rate calculation, first priority project line, then resource price; help text updates
2.160minorHelp text links, Create Invoice from fixed price Project line improvement
2.159minorTime Off improvements
2.158minorRemove Invoice Line hours edit restrictions

Upgrade from older versions

If you are upgrading from a version before v3.55, you need to apply this patch first:

If you are upgrading from a version v2.x, you need to apply a patch first: